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In carrying out business activities, Company performs the process of exploration, mining, and nickel ore marketing
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This is the process of loading material to be delivered to the smelter
We are responsible for preserving nature around our mining areas

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IFISHDECO has executed its main business activities in the nickel ore mining which envelopes the activities of exploration, development and the nickel ore marketing. The main aim of Company is to dig up the potential of nickel in Indonesia and selling it in the domestic market and oversea market

About Us

About Us IFISHDECO in a Glance PT IFISHDECO TBK, Ticker: (IFSH.JK) is an IDX listed vertically integrated nickel mining company

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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission Vision To create long-term value for our stakeholders by transforming the natural resource given into meaningful investments

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Our Management

Our Management Board of Commissioner Lina Suti President Commissioner Read More>> Michelle Mallorie Sunogo Commissioner Read More>> Ryan Fong Jaya

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Our Strategy

In executing its business activities Company has applied several business strategies which are adding more land and nickel supply to Company’s present possession; To support the Company’s business activities as well as its Branch Company, Company needs to own sufficient supply for the purpose of having raw nickel for a period of some years ahead. Company endeavours to continue find Mining Business Permits (IUP) which can be taken over or joint work with other parties for the purpose of land enabled to be operated together.

Company is still to perform the nickel ore mining activities, when the nickel ore mining product later will be sold to the Branch Company and to other smelters in Indonesia which are already operating. It so happens that Company will also upgrade its sale to Branch Company where there is a plan to upgrade the NPI production which would start to be executed by the Branch Company in November 2019. This matter was to be supported the Company’s optimism as with the plan of setting up 2 lines RKEF machines may increase the Branch Company production capacity in the future.

In running our business, we also give attention and assistance to the environment and the community around our mining area.


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