Company Reports

Public offering of shares

The Shares Offered will give its holders equal and equal rights in all respects with other shares of the Company that have been fully subscribed and paid up, including among others the right to distribution dividend, the right to vote in the General Meeting of Shareholders (“GMS”), the right to share bonus and Pre-emptive Rights (HMETD), the right to share the remaining assets in the event of liquidation.

Annual Report2022PDF
Sustainability Report2022PDF
Annual Report2021PDF
Sustainability Report2021PDF
Annual Report2020PDF
Appointment of internal auditors2019PDF
Decree of the board of commissioners for the establishment of the audit committee2019PDF
Decree hiring2019JPG
UOB-Internal audit charter2019PDF
UOB-Decree of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee2019PDF
Annual Report2019PDF


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