Corporate Governance


The Company determines the principle of Good Corporate Governance(GCG) in the framework of guarding the interest of the interested functionary and to upgrade the value for the shareholders in accordance with the Finance Service Authority Number 21/POJK.04/2015 dated 17 November 2015 concerning the Application of Guidelines of Managing an Open Enterprise (“POJK No. 21/2015). With regard to the application of said principles, the Company has possessed a Company Secretary, Internal Audit Unit, Audit Committee, along with having appointed independent Commissioners.

By applying the principle of Good Corporate Governance, the Company possesses the following aim:

  • Arranging the relationship among the functionaries’ interests.
  • Performing a transparent business, adhering to regulations, and have good business ethics.
  • Upgrading management risks.
  • Upgrading the Company capability and competitiveness in facing the changing industry which
    is so dynamic.
  • Avoiding the happening of deviations in the management of the enterprise.


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